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Our Courses

Learning through play

 Find out more about our classes and activities with trained, loving English teachers.

At BIC we offer three standard nursery courses: combine them according to your needs

Ex. Emily goes to BIC Morning Nursery Lab. + BIC After-School club

BIC Morning Nursery Lab

Mornings from 8.30 am to 12.45 pm - Children aged 3-6

We cover the 7 areas of children’s learning:  communication and language, literacy, knowledge and understanding of the world, mathematics, creative arts and design, physical and personal education, social and emotional learning. All projects cover each area and programming is based on children's interests, adhering to each child.

BIC Sports Academy

Join us for a  5-week sports course for children aged

3-5 years: a weekly appointment to connect with the body and nature.

Focusing on improving:

  • Body awareness and control

  • Body balance

  • Coordination

  • Body mobility

  • Strengthen

  • Flexibility

  • Teamwork

  • Self-esteem

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