Our Programmes

Learning Through Play

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After school club

At British International Children's Centre, we understand that leaving your children for extra hours at school can fill you with worry, which is why we created the perfect respite for you both

Our After School Club runs from 16.15 until 18.15 and offers a range of interesting and engaging activities for children. Your children will learn English through organised games and activities run by a Mother tongue teacher. There will be a snack and, weather permitting, outdoor play (picnics!) 

Leaving you parents, to work in peace, knowing your children are having the time of their lives, every afternoon.

Outdoor Play

Physical education is important for your children, which is why we aim to take our children to the park right next to our school every day

Children learn through play, and what better way than running through grass, sliding down a slide or being pushed on swings. Not only this, but once a week we go swimming at our local pool. We also collaborate weekly with professionals who provide us with pscicomotricità and music and movement lessons

Kids Playing Soccer
kids looking at fish

Art Lessons

As our newest and most popular option, our Art Lessons tends to fill up fast - so if you’re interested, get in touch today to reserve a spot for your child

In July art lessons will be full of Summer magic - painting with many different materials, learning about Summer - flowers, animals and delicious Summer fruits. Sensory play with water, bubbles and sand. Incorporating the outdoors and physical education as much as possible, your children will laugh, play and enjoy every minute of their English art lesson experience. 

Imaginative Play

What does Imaginative play mean? It is the essence of experimenting - in every way possible. At the British International Children's Centre, we have divided imaginative play in to 2 sections. Manipulative play - so play that requires children to move, turn and screw objects (read construction play, tool-use, arts and crafts, scissors). It allows children to take control of the world they live in by mastering the objects they use. Sensory play - so play that stimulates a child's senses: smell, taste, sight, touch, balance, hearing and movement (read water, sand, foam, bubbles, corn-flour, light, music etc). Sensory play allows children to naturally be encouraged to use scientific processes and be explorers in this wonderful world, all of this while they play, laugh and gasp in awe.

Kids Running