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Children playing indoors

What we're all about

We are an English language school and nursery for children aged 3 to 6 years.

We also organize courses, summer camps, and after-school activities.

BIC is more than just a language school, it can be considered more as a learning hub with unique and new teaching methods.

Find out more about our identity and techniques in our Manifesto.

Teaching Methods & Techniques

CLIL teaching approach

A dual-focussed educational approach in which the second language is used for the teaching of both content and language.

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Staff are certified after completing a 6-hour course once a year to teach children how to speak, read, and write English using this multi-sensory teaching method.

BIC screening process

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A screening process used at our school created by BIC to understand and evaluate children’s emotional needs, to be better able to put them in learning groups for activities
during which they actually feel emotionally ready to partake in and therefore increase their learning.

Outdoor play

An outdoor learning moment where the children visit the park or local area, where their English Language is tried in the world they live in.

What Parents Say

“My child loves going to British Inspirational Children's Centre. The educators are kind and nurturing.”

— Emily's mom

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