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  • Rebecca Sigamoney

The day this all started, I was 25 and convinced.

A Manifesto on how everything at BIC started and how it's about to change and evolve.

Nothing could have gotten in my way or changed my mind. I was convinced there must be a better way to teach, to create a school community.

My whole life, the tight restrictions of how school must be and therefore how I must be, suffocated me. I was never able to truly express myself, to just live in the way that felt right for me.

So many rules that don’t take in to consideration what we’re feeling, what experience we’re having that day. Whilst teaching, I noticed a systematic lack, of understanding and of empathy, and knew that I could change that.

I think change starts so small, a tiny flicker in the depths of your soul. An instinct, a yearning. Some days you don’t even notice it, there just isn’t time. But it’s there, it’s undeniable, it’s unstoppable.

sprout coming out of the soil

The moment circumstance brings you face to face with it, that’s when the real magic happens. That’s how this all began, a need, circumstance and a whole lot of determination.

So here we are, almost 5 years later in yet another moment of change, and we’ve started a blog.

Why? Maybe to offer more clarity about what this school is, maybe to try and share all this fantastic experience and knowledge and reach out more in the community but mostly, because it just feels right.

BIC is a school, but it can’t be simply described like that. Frankly, it’s more of a learning hub than a school. We are an English Language school, and my gosh, how well they learn English.

Honestly, that is a by-product of what we actually do.

We’re creating new teaching methods, that aren’t done in advance, that don’t take up hours of teacher’s personal time, and aren’t based around a hypothetical learning moment (hypothetical because, how on Earth are we even supposed to know how the children will arrive at school? What they need?)

A screening that, represents learning projects and milestones, but that first of all, identifies what our children feel and need.

We help children interact, react safely, manage emotions, explain feelings.

Three little girls, sitting on a sofa, reading a book

We are giving them back their voice and using our own.

They are allowed to say, to make demands, to be heard and of course, be explained why it’s not possible. No feeling is too big and no situation is too messy.

Because, when you affront things with love, you can face everything head on.

There are no punishments and yet there are constant, natural consequences for things that happen – and yes, there’s support for those moments too.

Teachers, bring what they love to do. Differences are channelled in to projects, skills can be learnt but passion, passion can only be felt and needs to be nurtured.

That takes communication and transparency.

Kindness, goes such a long way and it starts with how we treat each other as the adults, as teachers.

Families are supported, appreciated, trusted, necessary and honestly, very importantly, given boundaries and our knowledge is shared with them. We need to build great relationships with them, we respect them, and we expect and absolutely need to receive the same respect back. Life, as a parent, can be so complicated, we see them day after day, doing their best and moving in love for their child – and we’re here for them. To lighten the load in any way we can.

Is everything perfect? Not at all. Is this easy? Sometimes.

Mistakes have been made and more will come, but I and BIC, cannot be afraid of that, especially when we are moving from such a pure place in our soul. We’re constantly changing and adapting and listening.

So of course, things will change and we should be open to that – the children at school today are so different from the children just 4 years ago. The world evolves, it progresses, and this school must be in constant evolution too. It needs to be flexible, to listen to needs and have space to create.

So, this is my very first blog post and the school’s manifesto. If it makes sense to you, you’re in the right place.

Rebecca Sigamoney

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Laura Sigamoney
Laura Sigamoney
Feb 20

What a fantastic introduction to the school! ❤️

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